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Origin: Much of South America

Lifespan: Around 40 years in captivity depending on species

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This beautiful family of South American parrots is often overlooked in favour of some other larger species. In our opinion birds from this family of parrots make excellent pets. There is much to recommend them, being beautiful and quite and often learning to talk well. Hand reared birds make wonderful companions.

Blue Headed Pionus (Pionus menstruus). About 11 inches in size. This bird is not only beautiful but also has a great temperament to be a companion bird. Mainly Green with blue head. Hand reared birds make wonderful companions and learn to talk well. These birds are lot less noisy then some of the larger species.



Maximillian’s or Scaly Headed Pionus (Pionus maximiliani) Similar size to that of the Blue Headed. The alternative name scaly headed applies to the reptilian appearance of the head feathers, which are triangular in appearance. A very quite and docile bird. Much to recommend it.





Dusky Pionus (Pionus fuscus) About 10 inches in size. This is another great favourite with Pionus keepers. Greyish brown with suffused shades of red and blue over its body look really nice. Hand reared babies make excellent pets.

White Capped Pionus (Pionus Senilis) Only measuring at about 9 inches its one of the smaller members of the Pionus family. Being a livery of greyish green, the startling white fore crown and pink eye skin makes it a attractive little bird.

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