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It doesn’t matter if you have decided to own a large or a small parrot, it is always advisable to get the largest cage you can afford. The most expensive is not necessarily the best choice. Also keep in mind that parrots have incredibly powerful beaks and they can be very destructive. The cage should be strong enough for the species you are intending to keep. Never buy round cages, as they might look good but are not suitable for any bird. Rectangular or square cages are better as they have more room for the bird to move around. Bars on the cage should be horizontal with vertical supports. This makes it easy for parrots to climb around as all parrots are very good climbers.

The cage should be such that you can clean it easily, for example with a sliding tray underneath.

Natural branches make the best perches. They allow the bird's feet to exercise as they vary in thickness. Try to use branches from fruit trees. If this is not possible, the next best is the Willow tree, or Elder and Tree Mallow. Most importantly wash all branches well and let them dry completely before putting them in the cage.

We can get most cages at discounted prices, and these can be delivered next day. For more information please contact us.

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