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The first pet Parrot supplier who is putting birds' welfare first, as well as encouraging educated and responsible keeping of parrots.


This site was created by us after witnessing years of appalling and disgusting behaviour by most of the pet trade. Birds are kept in inhumane conditions in these establishments. They are there to be teased by anyone and everyone. More than often, they are locked up in cramped, dirty cages with no food or water.

Birds are sold to any Tom, Dick and Harry (no offence is meant to people with these names!) just because that person is willing to buy them. No one bothers to ask any questions. All they are interested in is making a sale and a quick profit. Birds are bought from anyone and sold to whomever, as long as the price is right.

Some birds are sold with their wings clipped, which is not only unnecessary, but cruel too. This practice does not allow the chest muscles to develop properly, and if wings are clipped at avery young age your bird might never learn to fly. Badly clipped wings can cause an enormous amount of discomfort to the bird, and in some cases can trigger feather plucking. Birds are meant to have wings. If you are looking for something that does not fly, you should consider a Dog or a Cat.

We strongly condemn the sale of wild caught birds. Please do not buy any of these birds. Think for a moment that for every wild caught bird that is on sale how many didn’t make it. Do not buy the bird out of sympathy because as soon as one is sold there are many more caught to take its place and you are helping this awful practice to continue. We should be encouraging and helping responsible captive breeding of these wonderful birds.

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We know that we will not be able to change these cruel practices. We hope to make you into an educated keeper who cares about the welfare of these extremely intelligent and loving birds.

What makes us different

  • To us, the welfare of the bird is more important than anything else. Just because someone has the money to pay does not mean that they are the right person to own a parrot . We will not pass on our birds to anyone without an assessment.
  • We only deal with a handful of breeders who breed parrots for the love of the birds. We will not deal with breeders who mass breed birds for quick profit.
  • We will not sell any of our birds to dealers or pet shops at any cost.
  • We actively discourage "Nest robbing", where breeders take eggs or very young babies from the nest as soon as they are laid or hatched to force birds into laying two or three clutches. This practice is not only cruel but it also weakens the birds which eventually results in poor quality babies.
  • We are against forced weaning of baby parrots. All our birds are left to wean at their own pace that’s why we always give an approximate date for delivery of baby parrots. If we think that a bird is not ready to go, it will not be passed on and you will be informed of the next possible date of delivery or collection.
  • All our baby birds are parent reared for the first few weeks (2 to 4 weeks depending on the species) so that they can get all the benefits of parental care and attention, which is essential to build their immune system so they can grow into strong, healthy birds. Not all babies are taken for hand rearing. Some are left for the parents to rear.
  • If we think that the bird you want is not the right one for you we will explain why and advise you what will best suit you. We will try our best to find the right bird for you.

How to get one of our birds

Please note that at no time do we have baby parrots ready and waiting to be sold, as we have a limited number of babies each year. If you would like us to find you a cute, cuddly and tame pet parrot, you can get in touch with us by phone or email and tell us what type of parrot you looking for. We will then have a detailed discussion with you and ask the questions no other pet dealer dares to ask in fear of loosing a sale for example:-

  • What expectations will you have of your bird?
  • Can you provide a suitable environment for the bird?
  • Is there someone at home all day?
  • Can you afford adequate caging and toys?
  • Is there sufficient space for the species your are thinking of keeping?
  • Do you have other pets or small children?
  • Who is going to look after the bird when you go on holiday?
  • Have you kept birds before and what happened to them?
  • Can you provide a good varied diet to your bird including fresh fruit and vegetables every day?

Once you pass our initial assessment, we put your name on our waiting list. We do not ask for any deposit at this time, and no binding contract is made. As the birds become available, we get in touch with you and discuss a Home Check. If everything proves acceptable, you will be informed of the approximate date of delivery or collection of the bird. Please remember that no birds will be sold at any price if these assessment criteria are not met.

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