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Origin: The most widely distributed parrot (Australia, South East Asia, and parts of Africa).

Lifespan: Varies depending on Species

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The term parakeets is often used to describe parrots with long tails with the exception of Macaws. Its one the largest groups of parrot family. Not many birds of this group are suitable as companion birds. The suitability of the various species is discussed below. Most are suited to aviary life.

Group Suitability as companion birds
Grass Parakeets Too nervous to be kept in doors.
Larger Australian Parakeets As above, although some hand reared Rosellas can become very tame.
Psittaculid Parakeets
Are often shy of close contact with the exception of Alexandrine Parakeet and some others.
Brotogeris Parakeets
Young birds can become very tame and bonded to their owners. They are very jealous by nature.
Bolborhynchus Parakeets Rather shy. Better in aviary surroundings.

These birds do not take to caged life well.



Love Birds

Of course there are always exceptions. This chart is to give you a guide. Budgerigars and Cockatiels make wonderful companion pets even if they are not hand reared, however be sure to get young birds as it is much easier to tame and train them. These birds can learn to talk. Even though Love Birds have short tails we thought we should mention them here. Hand reared love birds make good pets too, but they must be handled regularly or they might slowly become nippy and aggressive.

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