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Amazon Parrots

Origin: South and Central America and Surrounding Islands

Lifespan: 50 - 70 years in captivity depending on the species

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This is another well known and a large group of parrots. Something they all have in common other than that they all have varying amounts of green on the body is they are very big on character. Some Amazon like Yellow Naped and Double Yellow Headed have terriffic powers for imitating human speech and other noises around them. Amazons love to bathe and should never be denied of it. Some of the most commonly available Amazons are.

Orange Winged Amazon (Amazona amizonica) At about 13 inches in size they will be considered moderate sized birds in Amazon group. Their colouration is quite variable. This species is much quieter than some other Amazons. As a companion bird they are exuberant than many amazons, but can be very affectionate. Most people who have kept these bird would not be without them.

Blue Fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) This in one of the most popular pet Amazon. At 15 inches it is quite large. The coloration is variable. Blue Fronts are quite extrovert and very inquisitive. They can be noisy at times, although this can vary from bird to bird. Quite often people get confused with Blue fronts and Orange winged Amazons. Blue Fronts always have dark beak where as in Orange Winged its horned coloured.


Yellow Fronted or Yellow Crowned Amazon (Amazona orchocephala orchocephala) About 14 inches in size depending on the sub species. This species have huge personalities, if they decide to like you. They are very devoted to their owners and do not like to share them with others. They can get very excitable with loud noises. A very nice bird much to recommend it.



Yellow Naped Amazon (Amazona orchocephala auropalliata) This parrot has always been cherished by its owners. Large, garrulous parrot, they are fantastic mimics. As pets, these birds tend to be always clowning around. They are great performers and display their talking ability with great delight. They can easily pick up short songs and sing them with relish.




Double Yellow Headed Amazon (Amazona orchocephala oratrix) This 15 inch bird is one of the most popular companion. There are several subspecies , differentiated mainly by the amount of yellow on the head. As Good as Yellow Napes in their ability to talk. It is truly a remarkable companion bird.

There are several more Amazon Parrots available to the bird keeper some of which are listed below.


Green Cheeked Amazon (Amazona viridigenalis)

Lilac Crowned Amazon (Amazona finschii)

Red Lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis)

White Fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons)

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