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African Greys

Origin: Across Equatorial Africa

Lifespan: 60 - 70 years in captivity

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This group of parrots is made up of only two breeds.

African Grey (Psittacus erithacus) About 13 inches in size. Often described as Silver Greys or Congo Greys. Of all parrots African Grey is probably the most well known parrot. When one considers various qualities it possesses, it comes as no surprise. African Greys are highly intelligent, have very attractive colouration. Their ability to talk is not matched by any other parrot.

The downside to all this intelligence is that it makes these amazing birds very sensitive . Hand reared babies make excellent pets without a doubt. Due to their sensitive nature they know when things in their environment are not right. African Greys also get stressed very easily and in response to this they might start to feather pluck, something which is quite common in African Greys. If you are going to take on one of these exciting birds be absolutely sure that you can give them the time and affection they need.

Timneh Grey (Psittacus timneh) Only an inch or so smaller than the above, but much darker in colour. Other difference is that in Timneh the upper mandible is horned coloured where as in Silver greys it dark. Talking ability and suitability as companion is no different in both species.

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